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Turbine Tuning

5MW Kaplan

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5MW Kaplan



Climate Change is affected by greenhouse gasses. 

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The best return on investment in any power generation activity is by improvement of equipment that is already in-place generating power. This is especially true for Kaplan turbines.

Index testing and optimization of Kaplan turbine 3-D cam data surface profiles corrects the efficiency-robbing blade to head and gate misalignment that increases turbidity and shear forces in the water flowing through the turbines. Turbulence promotes vibration and noise, increases wear-and-tear on load bearing surfaces and exacerbates mortality rates of downstream migrant aquatic life.

Kaplan turbines have variable pitch blades that are adjusted to the optimum angle for best efficiency operation at the existing head
and flow. Early Kaplan blade controls had 2-D Cams to control the gate to blade relationship as defined in the model test or from
field-testing, with the third element, head input effected by swapping out cam-plates or advancing/retarding the cam-plate on the
gate restoring shaft. Modern Kaplan blade controls have computerized 3-D Cam that manage the 3-Dimensional head and gate to
blade relationship. Updating the 2-D cam profiles cost $2k each for the metal plates while updating the new computer 3-D Cams
has no implementation cost other than less than an hour of labor to enter the tabular data.
Visualized: Global CO2 Emissions Through Time (19502022)

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The  image at left is the  turbine on display at Bonneville Dam.

The animation was created in Camtasia to show how the blades actually move.

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Visualized: Global CO2 Emissions Through Time (19502022)

Woodward News Magazine

Page 40.

Woodward 505HT PLC for Francis and Kaplan Turbines.pdf

Woodward News Magazine pg-40

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A labor-saving aid for drawing wire through conduit.  Threading Aids Sxpanri Shop