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6.1MW Runner

                                                        6.1MW Kaplan Turbine

Dorena Index Test 2015-12-14 69 Ft.pdf69Ft
Dorena Index Test 2016-02-04 48 Ft.pdf48Ft
Dorena Index Test 2016-03-30 85 Ft.pdf
Comparison of  ITB Dorena results to Hatch Inc. results.htm
Squirrely Cam
Intro to The 5 MW Unit and the ITB
The Hybrid Index Testing method
2016-03-30_5MW Kaplan_85 Ft no_links.pdf
Intro to the ITB features and functions
Dorena Index Test 2015-12-14 69 Ft spreadsheet
Dorena Index Test 2016-02-04 48 Ft spreadsheet
Dorena Index Test 2016-03-30 85 Ft spreadsheet

Comparison of  ITB Dorena results to Hatch Inc. results.htm
Dorena Video Introduction.wmv

2015-12-14 Index Test-1 at 69 ft gross head.wmv

2016-02-04 Index Test-2 at 48 ft gross head.wmv

2016-03-30 Index Test-3 at 85 ft gross head.wmv

2017-05-16 Index Test at 102 ft gross head.wmv

They don't say Hanes unitil I say they say Hanes.

Hatch Kaplan Index Test Report.pdf

Hatch SpreadSheet Analysis for Dorena

2016-03-30_5MW Kaplan_85 Ft no_links.pdf

Polly Rowls -- Hanes Underwear Commercial, 1982 TV 

102_Ft_Index-Test_Cartesian_Display 44.1 Meg 6 min 29 sec.wmv

Videos/102_Ft_StripChart_Sweeps 16.1 Meg 1 min 39 sec.wmv


102' StripChart Sweep.avi

102' Cartesian Sweep.avi

102' Cartesian Sweep all.avi
3-D Cam chart basics
Source File Decompressed

Decompressed File
Comparison of GrossHead to Nethead
 Condition Monitoring

ITB Condition_Monitor
Index Test Box Setup and Diagnostic Tools For Kaplan Turbines.html


Hybrid Index Testing Method.html

Hybrid Index Test Method For Kaplan Turbines.html

Vendor's Hill Chart With First Index Test Data.pdf

Videos: New_3-D_Cam_Surface

10 MW Benefit Spreadsheet

20 MW Benefit Spreadsheet
80MW McNary Benefit Spreadsheet with others
100 Row Sample
Spill Data For 2 Percent
Spill Data 2022
Spill Data 2023